Hi Everyone!
We are desperately trying to place these two amazing guys (Marshmallow and Sparta)
Marshmallow is an 18 pound 5 year old Main Coon mix. He is super sweet most of the time but for those familiar with Main Coons, you know they tend to come with a bit of attitude..all the good looking ones do, right?
Sparta is a 3.5 year old sweetheart. She is currently about 15 pounds but she is working on taking a bit of that off. She is the kind of girl that might be overlooked but once you get to know her you don’t know how you ever lived without her.

These two have been bounced around more times than we could even count..first being displaced as a result of Hurricane Sandy and now in yet another temporary home. They will loose this home in less than 10 days and we are looking for their permanent home. They will certainly be put in the shelter system if a home is not found.
They are probably best in a home without other animals or someone that has experience with multiple companion animal households.

We ideally want to keep them together but time is running out and we just want to make sure they find stable homes even if that means separating them.

Please Please contact erica@mooshoes.com with any leads

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