MooLA-AnnounceAfter months of scouting out neighborhoods and possible retail locations we’re excited to announce that MooShoes will officially be going bicoastal. Our second location will be located in the amazing Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles.

We have discussed opening another location for years, but we knew we couldn’t do it without help. When our good friends and design team Raven and Crow told us they were making the move to Los Angeles, we first pleaded with them not to go and when that didn’t work we immediately thought of them as the people that could help us make MooShoes Los Angeles a reality. We know our baby will be safe in their very capable hands. So capable in fact that they will be helping us get MooShoes LA off the ground while running they very successful design firm. So a big thank you to both Troy and Katie and we apologize for the lost hours of sleep.

We can’t wait to meet you, people of Los Angeles!

To learn more, download the full press release—also included in-line below. But don’t worry this will not be the last you’ll be hearing of this..tons of updates to follow.


NYC Vegan Shoe Store to Open Second Location in LA

New York City, NY (June 16, 2014): After nearly 13 years in New York City, first-of-its-kind vegan shoe store MooShoes, plans to open a second location in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Originally founded in 2001 by sisters and Queens natives, Erica and Sara Kubersky, MooShoes is a vegan-owned store specializing in cruelty-free footwear, bags, apparel, and accessories. Located at 78 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the store currently functions as the company’s sole retail location, complemented by what has grown into a robust online storefront.

The sisters have now partnered with long-time graphic designers, Katie Frichtel and Troy Farmer of Los Angeles-based raven + crow studio to open MooShoes LA at 3116 Sunset Boulevard in the popular Silver Lake neighborhood. Though the sisters have long explored the idea of expanding beyond New York, this is the first opportunity they both considered feasible.

“LA has such a strong vegan community now, it really just makes sense for us to be as present there as we can,” said Erica Kubersky. “We just never felt comfortable having people we didn’t know well representing something we’d created from the ground up—it’s always been a really personal business for Sara and me.”

Though MooShoes claims humble beginnings in a defunct butcher shop near Gramercy Park, the company saw a near 10% increase in sales annually for their first 9 years of business, growing steadily to meet the demand. With a strong online presence and a well-known location on the Lower East Side that’s become a destination for many New York visitors and a hub for vegan-centric events, the sisters feel that the next step in their growth is a Los Angeles location. Putting it in the hands of long-time business partners and friends only seemed natural to the Kuberskys.

“We met Katie and Troy in 2003, not long after we started our store and right around when they were starting their own business. We clicked right away, both in terms of work and personally. They’ve been defining how we present ourselves ever since, creating our brand, ads, Web sites, signage, and designing our stores. When they told us they were moving things from Brooklyn to California last year, we immediately thought of this.”

Husband-and-wife design and marketing team, Frichtel and Farmer, started raven + crow studio officially in 2006 after years of freelancing. The studio specializes in corporate branding, print, and Web design, working primarily with non-profit agencies, small businesses, and relief agencies like the United Nations. Long-time vegans, the two hold in common with the Kubersky sisters their mutual interest in animal welfare.

“Katie and I have always made a concerted effort to work with clients we think are making the world a better place, one way or the other,” said Farmer. “We really love what we do day-to-day, but that’s what keeps us going—knowing that we’re promoting something bigger and better than our work. For all of us, this isn’t about selling shoes, it’s about not killing cows; it’s about providing a great, cruelty-free product that also pushes a message that it’s easy for us all to make a difference for the better.”

MooShoes Los Angeles promises to continue the tradition of bringing together the vegan and animal rights communities, acting as both a store and a community event space.

“It’s so awesome that the vegans of LA no longer have to go barefoot!” said celebrated vegan cookbook author, chef, and restaurateur  Isa Chandra Moskowitz. “Let me state the obvious by saying that MooShoes has great shoes that will satisfy your every desire. But more than that, they’ve also been a pillar of the vegan community for over a decade. From book signings to bake sales the MooShoes girls and their fabulous staff have been there, bringing people together and making sure we look fabulous (and comfortable!)”

“MooShoes has been a pioneer in footwear since they were founded in 2001,” said New York vegan menswear designer and Brave GentleMan founder, Joshua Katcher. “They’re a palpable driving force in future-footwear innovation and provide a rare and crucial space for emerging designers with rigorous ethical standards to develop, test and showcase their work. MooShoes is a destination, a hub and a beacon in an industry that is otherwise known for ruthlessness. Without them, Brave GentleMan would never have succeeded. Their success and expansion to Los Angeles is not surprising, but it is exciting.”

Frichtel and Farmer will be continuing to run their design business as they take on this new role with MooShoes, managing operations for the LA store once open, planning in-store events, acting as west coast points of contact, and overseeing design of the new space, set to open fall 2014.

For more information on the new Los Angeles store and press inquiries, please contact MooShoes Brand Manager, Neysha Melissa Vázquez at