MooNews August 2011

Super Summer Sale

Hello from MooShoes!

We know—we’ve been away for a while. No, we haven’t just been on one long summer vacation…ok, maybe that’s a little bit of it. But we’ve also been working on a bunch of new stuff that we think you’re really going to like.

New shoes, new boots, and a new Web site are all on the horizon, so stay tuned! To get ready for all that though, we’re purging ourselves of lots of older inventory which means… (drum roll please) a huge, we mean REALLY HUGE Summer Sale. So now’s the time to stock up loads of shoes, boots, and other fun things at super-discounted prices.

It’s been one hot summer, but if you’re like us, you can’t help yourself—you already got fall on the brain. So don’t miss Vaute Couture’s Pop-Up Shop, happening at MooShoes from Sept. 11th-14th. Don’t go another year without one of these amazing coats. If this winter’s anything like last winter, you’re going to need it. For more details contact

On top of the Super Summer Sale, we’re also offering a discount on your next purchase. For all purchases made between now and August 21st, you’ll get 5% off by using the code shoepurge5. Spend $150 or more and use the code shoepurge10 for 10% off of your purchase.

We’ll be checking in again soon, hopefully with a whole new look.

Take Care,
the MooShoes staff


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