MooShoes 10 Year Celebration

10 Years, yes we made it, and of course we had to celebrate the milestone.

We know we are beyond lucky to have made it this far, working at a job that we absolutely adore (at least on most days) so thank you for that. We are the first to admit that we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, all we knew is that we wanted to open a vegan shoe store. We didn’t know it would become a shoe store/event space/adoption center/shoe line/ cat haven/place where we would meet the most amazing people (yup-that’s you)

So to celebrate we ate a bunch of Dunwell’s Doughnuts, stuffed our faces with sandwiches from Blossom Du Jour¬†and sold a ton of shoes-thank you for that!


Of course we had some cute kids and cats in attendance too..

Can’t wait for our 20th..although we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, an 11th would be pretty awesome too.

You think these pictures are pretty great..of course you do, credit goes to the amazing

Avery Wham



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