We are looking for a home for Rudy. Rudy was on the city shelter’s list of animals scheduled to be euthanized in the next 24 hours. Due to overcrowding, thousands of  adoptable dogs are euthanized in NYC every year.

Rudy was one of those dogs. He was brought to the  city shelter after someone found him walking the streets aimlessly in Queens. Since poor Rudy had kennel cough (a very curable sickness) he was immediately put on the kill list since the shelter doesn’t have the means to care for sick animals.

While many of us look at the kill list, post the list, repost the list, cry over the list, only some people take the proactive role of pulling  dogs from the list. Lucky for Rudy though, two amazing folks saw Rudy’s post and decided that they were going to pull Rudy despite having a houseful of companion dogs and cats. They are not associated with a rescue group, just a couple of individuals that do whatever they can for dogs and cats in need. And I know that if we find a home for Rudy, these individuals will be right back at the shelter pulling another dog.

Rudy is currently being fostered with other dogs and cats. He is getting along with everyone. In addition he loves every single human he meets. He knows simple commands..sit, stay, shake..and learned fetch in a matter of minutes (he’s a smarty!)

He was recently neutered, is up to date on all vaccinations. He has been given a clean bill of health from his veterinarian. He is completely housebroken and is also crate trained.

You want to learn more about Rudy, check out this video:

So please help us find a home for Rudy! Or better yet adopt Rudy!

For more information, please get in touch with Ed or give him a call 917 345 8575

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