The Passing of a MooShoes Icon

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Bowery’s passing.

Bowery was one of our store cats, but he was so much more than that to our staff and to our customers, and to anyone that he came across. He was the toughest tough guy I had ever met, but this only made people want to love him more. He was totally irresistible. He had exceptional looks coupled with just the right amount of sass.

We found Bowery (just off of the Bowery-surprise, right?) 8 years ago on our way home from the store on a hot Sunday evening. It was that same situation we have all been countless times, stray cat crosses your path – what to do? We stopped and said “ok, well we are not going on some crazy cat chase, but..”by the time we bent down, he came right over to us with that Bowery finesse, tail in the air and the “you know you can’t resist me” attitude, and well he was right.

He soon came to live in our store, first our location on Allen Street and then at our current location on Orchard Street. Within minutes of moving into our store he owned the place to the other cat’s dismay. It was during this time that we discovered Bowery’s severe hatred of dogs. Ok, yes we realize the long history of cats vs. dogs, but Bowery’s story was different. He was ready to take on any dog that came into his view and I know this first hand as do my two forty plus pound mutts. He was very integral in the unfortunate MooShoes Dog Ban which we promise was for the safety of your dog.

He loved to hang out by the door as our greeter/bouncer. And it wasn’t just us, everyone was instantly put under the Bowery spell. Someone would reach down to pet him which was immediately followed by a staff member uttering “be careful that cat can be a little unpredictable” but this didn’t seem to sway most. This was usually soon followed by a small cat scratch incident which was then followed by a customer apologizing as if it was his/her fault because Bowery couldn’t of possibly been in the wrong. This is how things went on for years..and no MooShoes visit was complete without a Bowery interaction. I don’t have real scientific proof of this but I think Bowery was the most photographed/tweeted/facebooked/tumblr’d cat on the planet. And the truth is we couldn’t have been prouder to have such an icon representing the face of MooShoes.

He was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 plus years ago and while we think many others might have succumbed earlier, this just further attests to Bowery’s resilience and I’ll say it a zest for life! He accepted his treatments like a trooper until the very end, but we and his care providers finally realized there was nothing left to be done.

MooShoes will not be the same without our resident bad boy and I know our hearts will break every time someone asks us about him. But I am truly thankful he came into our lives and touched  so many of yours.

So to Bowery-truly one of the most extraordinary beings that have ever lived..



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