Vegan Bodega at MooShoes Sunday

Hello from MooShoes.

Just wanted to announce a pop-up shop with Vegan Bodega that’s happening this Sunday, March 25th from 12-5:30 PM right here at MooShoes.
Vegan Bodega will be on hand with some of their most popular goods:

Monks Meat (Made in BK) Standard and Chipotle-Adobe flavors
Food for Lover’s Queso Dip
Bee Free Honee
Sweet & Sara’s Easter Skippers & Sunnys
Caviart Seaweed Caviar
Baked goods from Gone Pie (Made in NY)
Vegan Vitamin D3 from Vitashine
Lip Balm from Pretty Monsters (Made in BK)
Vegg, the New to Market Egg Replacer

So enjoy one-stop shopping with some hard to find food items and don’t forget to check out all the new shoes and bags we have for spring.


Take Care,
the MooShoes staff

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